EP Review: I Am Shvman (Remixed)

EP Review: I Am Shvman (Remixed)

Review courtesy of: Travis Rump [Canadian Beats]

Hailing from BC, Shvman unveils some amazing EDM/Dance/Hybrid Bass/Trap remixes and it’s that kind of music that you want to hear in that dark underground hall that’s filled with flashing lights and pure energy, where you don’t stop dancing until those lights go on. What a great remix to his original EP.

Shvman has released this crazy remixed EP with a remix called “Artist” (Mully Remix), one called “Ba$Ic B!Tch” (Cvzz Remix), and my favourite “Helicopter” (Caliber Remix).

“Artist” is the lighter of the three tracks with an easy feeling vibe. The meaning of the song is in this track and it is a banger. I could totally see this song in a movie. It has some very experimental sounds and a jazzy hip beat going on. Very good track to just sit back and chill to.

The best thing with the next track “Ba$Ic B!Tch” is the way it does a 360 flip from the first mix to this one. The beats and production hype up the lyrics and bring the vocals of the artist out in a dope way. I feel there is a few genres brought into these tracks which includes a bit of 80’s dance, some Dubstep/EDM and that fun 90’s dance mixed into a great roller coaster of fun!

“Helicopter” is a killer remix with some hardcore vibes to it. This is my favourite off of the release. The drop in the beginning had me speeding in my ride and then the chorus kicked in and my reflexes had my hand smacking the roof. What a great track. I would love to see this one live in front of thousands of hyped up energetic festival goers.

LP Review: Synthetic Allegiance by E.p.o.s.

LP Review: Synthetic Allegiance by E.p.o.s.

Review Courtesy of: Sivz

E.P.O.S’s style is beautifully portrayed in his experimental and progressive electronica album “Synthetic Allegiance”. Taking you through a range of moods from deep and moody to dreamy and uplifting, E.P.O.S showcases a truly matured sound, emotional connection and impressive technical skill.

 A story is immediately told in the album’s intro track “The Man With an Electric Eye”. A captivating and almost slightly Arabian vocal brings a deep chill as an arpeggiated synth and soft bassline carries you through to spoken word vocals and sound effects that leave you curious to what happens at the end.

 “Synthetics” stood out to me as my ultimate favourite track on the album. I had it on repeat a few times before I could move on to explore the rest of the magic. Reminiscent of the sounds of Zhu and Mau5trap (to me) with experimental hints and grooving melodic journey throughout - Synthetics took me to a number of new places as its variations kicked in. A very clean yet strong, chest-filling bass brings an underlying consistency while arpeggiated synths pann around you to making you feel engulfed in every moment. With variations that almost sound like new tracks but still remain within the same piece of art, E.P.O.S keeps your emotions heightened before winding down to a natural, uplifting and calm ending that just makes sense. If this track isn’t a trip I don't know what is!

 Changing up the pace, “Our Beloved Citizens” builds up some serious tension with a rolling bassline and spoken word vocals, almost sounding like any DJ’s dream intro track getting you hyped on what’s to come. Though hardly an intro track spanning 9 minutes in length, E.P.O.S continues to impress with his progressions and variations; truly shining here to keep you moving till the very end.  

 Another one of my personal favourites was “Sunrise” for its upbeat chord progressions that carry a consistent attitude throughout. An unexpected softer melody is tastefully blended in later in the track while a soft vocal teases you through to the end.

 “Coming Home” was another personal favourite. A classy, soulful vocal was not what I would have expected to hear on this album, yet the added element to E.P.O.S’s style worked marvelously well to bring all sorts of feels.

 Carefully placed throughout the album, E.P.O.S’s short and experimental tracks “Singularity”, “Submersion”, “The Underground’ and final track “My Choice” are also quite the musical journey and thought-provoking thrill that get your imagination running wild.

 Moody, uplifting, groovy or experimental, the quality and sophistication of E.P.O.S’s sound is truly extraordinary and a must-hear for anyone with an appreciation for his style. I only look forward to more moments of awe felt in his future releases.


LP Review: Nostalgia (The Remixes) by Mully

LP Review: Nostalgia (The Remixes) by Mully

Review courtesy of: Kaitlin Secord [Canadian Beats]

Vancouver-based electronic music producer Vince Mulville a.k.a Mully has released a series of remixes of his earlier released LP Nostalgia. The remixes bring another level to the original songs, while not messing with their integrity. Building and blending the songs with different sounds adds another dimension to them – one that is sure to keep listeners hooked.

Kicking off the remixed LP is “Inception” (The Coriolis Project), which added a futuristic spin- the song itself feels very lowkey, however the vibes it delivers are much heavier and almost haunting . Sounding very surreal and uplifting, it surely calms listeners.

Next up is the title track “Nostalgia” (Mully and Davie Roibot) remixed by E.p.o.s., quite different from “Inception” – fun and funky, it fills the room with smooth vibes; the echoing and quirky drum/ vocal mix are sure to have listeners toe-tapping and swaying along.

“A Little Less Crying”(4) (Mully & the Purple Razor)s remixed by Last Naga, is again quite different from its neighbouring tunes – the rap-esque lyrics add a very cool and hip tone to it, while a similar beat construction add dubstep feeling to this spunky song. Lyrically, the song is jam-packed – singing about heartache, with such a creative and upbeat twist.

Rounding off the album of remixes is “Revelation”( Mully, Nubia Leiva and Darnell Richier) remixed by both Ian Auen and Good Cop/Bad Cop. The name entails exactly what this song makes listeners feel… completely at peace, and very relaxed. The occasional whispered vocals add a sense of serenity, while the wavy, soft beat is as calming as can be.

Nostalgia (The Remixes) is an LP that brings everything to the table – every emotion a song can make you feel is presented. The remixers hit the nail on the head with the clever re-works of original songs, turning them into masterpieces. 

EP Review: Voyager by Mixol

EP Review: Voyager by Mixol

Review courtesy of: Emma Sloan [Canadian Beats]

Vibe-heavy, psychedelic, sensational—all descriptors for DJ Mixol’s debut EP, Voyager. Delving deep into the expectations of the underground house music genre, Mixol takes those anticipations and improves upon them. The result? A disco ball of sound and atmosphere, transformative and begging for deep listening.

Opening track, the moody “Call Of The Wild”, delivers a hefty punch of 60’s grunge. With a pulsating cadence and a steady flow, the song is made to be felt vibrating up through the floorboards, the ambiance made more to be experienced rather than just heard.

Late-EP “Voyager” takes the rhythm up a notch, ramping the beat up to a fluttering jaunt, beat-heavy and fast-paced. It shimmers, mirage-like, before delving into a sultry hum, the blend of sounds artfully arranged to form a club track that wouldn’t be out of place at any underground venue.

Fearless, masterful, and endlessly fascinating, Voyager spellbinds listeners from start to finish, lingering long after the last track has come to a close.

EP Review: "Biocentric" by The Coriolis Project

EP Review: "Biocentric" by The Coriolis Project

Review courtesy of: Brayden Turenne [Vancouver Film School - Freelance - Emengy]

In life, nothing is black and white, nothing is certain. Evil is rarely an ugly thing, instead manifested in that which is deceptively beautiful and entrancing. Biocentric, the second album from Vancouver’s, “The Coriolis Project”, reflects this idea in nearly every one of its five tracks. Here, the light mingles with the dark until the two become one and the listener is caught up in a world full of glorious and terrible possibility. The very first track, “Al Pha”, includes the sounds of a stirring infant, and one cannot help but imagine the person this child will come to be. The ambience hints at the child’s future, with a hopeful breeze of synth twisting alongside the creeping drone of coming sins yet to be committed. The Coriolis Project utilize a wide array of sounds for this latest album. Rarely is the listener grounded by a continuous beat. The comfort of conventional music structure is abandoned here, in place of a nebulous haze of synth and darkened drone that here and there echo with sound samples to further reveal a mysterious underlying narrative.

Listening through this regrettably brief album is something like a meditative experience, and evokes a variety of subjects and feelings. Nothing is as it seems in this strange world, pregnant with possibility and potential. A visual that comes to mind that matches with the sound of Biocentric would be that of the opening scene of the film, Prometheus, in which a lone figure sacrifices himself and dissolves his body into a primeval riverbed. Within the raging waters, the DNA of the figure, his essence, begins to form anew, and come to be the foundation of a new species: Humans.

The music feels akin to this scene in how the sinister elements of something like death and the macabre weave seamlessly with the prospect of life and future prospects. Never is one of these things completely in the spotlight, as there can be no light without shadow, and vise versa. This is an elemental dynamic that The Coriolis Project seem to have infused into their sound, resulting in a mysterious and dynamic album.

Highly recommended!

EP Review: "Voyager" by Mixol

EP Review: "Voyager" by Mixol

Review by: Sylva Sivz [Blueprint - Beatginnings - Are You MIA]

Mixol’s progressive style shines through quickly in his new Voyager EP with 3 instrumental tracks varying in intensity and mood from light housey grooves to deep after-hours feels.

“Voyager” is your perfect thought-provoking late-night driving track to put you in a trance for almost a whopping 8 minutes. Melodic and dynamic, its steady sense of movement, chord progressions and mild sense of tension and lead fluidly into a deeper, groovier bass tone in the second drop, and a more electronic feel in the third drop.

“Living Sound” lifts the mood and sets the perfect opening mood with a more housey lead synth, and an attitude-infused bassline that and gets the feet moving with its percussive elements harmonically building into one another.

“Call of the Wild” sits on the much deeper end of this EP. A more techno-like track, it takes you to the early mornings of deep afterhours with its mesmerizing arpeggiated chords all the way through.  

With all tracks exceeding 5 minutes, Mixol expertly keeps the flow by changing up and adding subtle elements to keep the listener’s journey interesting and steadily moving forward.


EP Review: Biocentric by The Coriolis Project

EP Review: Biocentric by The Coriolis Project

Review courtesy of Canadian Music Blog:

And now for a little atmosphere, we zero in on Abbotsford, BC where The Coriolis Project casts forth a brand new EP Biocentric. Founded in 2015, the intelligent trio, consisting of Vince Mulville, Tyson Moffat and Brandt Fradette, presents delicious ambient experimental electronica. Biocentric follows EP Heliocentric which we named as one of the 10 best extended play records of 2016. Listening to Biocentric, we found ourselves taking a journey through a landscape of various moods. The tracks are inquisitive, spooky, dreamy, ominous, and crushing. This is not the sort of ambient album that will put you to sleep, it is filled with drive and energy and provides a great escape into a new world you will love to explore. The Coriolis Project explains the concept behind Biocentric as follows:

"The story is based during medieval times, focussing on the life of a young boy growing up and the confusion revolving around religion during this period. The EP highlights the struggle he goes through with the light/dark side of religion. The EP ends with “Tet Rah”, leaving an open door to interpretation as to what direction the boy follows."

Biocentric at iTunes, Spotify, Beatport

Coriolis Project social media links:


Record Label:

Festival Spotlight: Back To The Forest 6.0 w/ Sean Mayo

Festival Spotlight: Back To The Forest 6.0 w/ Sean Mayo

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Sean Mayo, founder of Back to The Forest Music Festival. The 15 hour festival lands on Saturday May 6, 2017 in Pritchard British Columbia.

1. First off, can you introduce yourself to our readers?
Hey Guys, Sean Mayo here. Heading up IUG: Interior Underground Events based out of Kamloops BC.

2. How long have you been involved in the Okanagan dance music scene?
I started hosting events in Kelowna in 2004 back when Level Niteclub first opened, back then I partnered with another guy under the promo name Top Rope Entertainment, we held bi-weekly events on Saturdays in the clubs there, thats how I got started.

3. Favourite genre?
Favourite would have to be Electro House. Anything 4 on the floor, Bassline House, Deep House etc. Also a big fan of breaks.

4.  Whom, or what, inspired you to begin planning Back to The Forest?
When I first moved back to Kamloops in 2009 after living in Kelowna for 6 years, I tried hosting events in the local bars, but the Kamloops scene for electronic music was all but non-existant. The few club shows I attempted didnt have a very good response at all, so we took our events outdoors and they immediately took off in a big way.

5. What were your/the team’s inspirations behind the name Back to The Forest?
The event is always held on the first weekend of May, and is usually the first big outdoor event of the year for the Interior & Okanagan. So after being cooped up indoors all winter, its your first chance to go 'Back to the Forest' and dance your butt off at an outdoor event.

6. What other sponsors/collaborators are on-board for this Festival?
We have no sponsors, but we work closely with other promo crews and production companies that have made a name for themselves throughout the interior and okanagan, such as Emengy, Lucid, Hi Society, ORA Laser and Student Union Productions. We've also teamed up wth PK Sound this year to bring the biggest and loudest stage possible.

7. How has the festival progressed/changed since Back to The Forest 1.0 right up to 6.0?
I think the most memorable thing about BTTF for me is the natural progression over the years. It started as just a party for me and my friends to go play music out in the woods without the 'Top40' constraints the local bars were trying to impose on us, a way to play the music we wanted to. The first event had about 100 ppl at it and was held on crown land, little backwoods party, prob a 5,000 watt soundsystem. Since then its developed into its own little mini-festoval with 600 ppl in attendance last year and a Massive PK Rig that is comparable in size to stages at much bigger festivals.

8. Seeing as the Festival line-up is already announced, can you give a first-time attendee a small glimpse of what to expect at Back to The Forest?
An all-out party for sure, our soundsystem this year dwarfs all previous events, and with the addition of a ton of vendors, food truck, and second stage, you get the whole festival experience crammed into 24 hours and for about 1/10th of the cost of the big festivals.

9. If you had to pick one, which artist are you most excited to have perform at BTTF?
I cant just pick one, im excited to see all of them! The one thing im most excited for at BTTF is the debut of the PK Gravity 30 subwoofers. Every artist playing is going to sound amazing when their music is being pushed through the truly massive system we have at the event. For me, the PK soundsystem is the real headliner at this years event.

10. Are there plans in the future for possibly expanding BTTF to a 2-day festival?
Ideally yes, I even considered going two days this year but decided to go one more year of one-night and just max out the stage to try and propel is into the next realm, so ppl know what to expect as far as production quality if we go to two days next year.

11. Here at Emengy, we are excited to have some of our artists perform at BTTF this year.  Has the booking process been difficult for you over the years, or have you found it quite easy to recruit/book talent?
There's never a shortage of ppl wanting to play at events, the interior and okanagan has so many amazingly talented djs. The hardest thing about picking a lineup is trying to figure out who to give slots to and who to cut. I had so many ppl asking to play this year it was a very tough choice to make when booking. This year I wanted to bring some more heavy-hitters and headliners to my lineup, so we added the second stage to be able to include as many artists as possible.

12. What can fans/followers expect to see next from you in the second half of 2017? 
Last year we held a halloween event called 'A Multiverse Halloween', it was an absolute blast, the theme was the Rick & Morty Multiverse and it went over very well. I hope to host it again this year.


Like our friends over at Canadian Beats, we like to allocate a section of our interviews of questions that will allow fans to get to know more about you.


Who are your favourite Canadian artists?
Average Gypsy, Pigeon Hole, Kytami, SkiiTour, Black Tiger Sex Machine, Funk Hunters, StickyBuds, Neon Steve.

As a performing artist under Mayo, who are your musical influences?
I was heavily influenced by Deekline & all forms of Booty breaks in my early years, was also a huge fan of fidget house when it came on the scene around 2010.

What was the first album you purchased?  What was the last?
I bought the Krafty Kuts & Skool of Thought Dbl-Disc Album HeavyWeight Breaks when I was 19 (2002) and it changed my life. Loved it.  Right now im a huge fan of the France Based Record Label 'Gold Digger Records' and I find myself buying a lot of their releases.

What is your favourite summertime activity?
Partying? Lol. Festivals of course. And myself and a large group of friends go house boating every year in July on the Shuswap its so much fun. I also just bought a Kayak and practice Archery.

What is one thing you cannot leave your home without?
My Music. (Aka my cell phone where my music is stored)

If you could have any super power, what would it be and what would you want to do with it first?
Id like to be able to shape shift into some kind of crazy beast or monster and id basically go rogue and live in the woods and scare/eat people for fun.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
If youve never been, come out to Back to the Forest, I guarantee itll be the best $60 youve ever spent. Cheers and thank you!


Artist Interview: Shvman

Artist Interview: Shvman

Interview by: Remington Fioraso, courtesy of Canadian Beats

BC’s Shvman, pronounced as ‘shaman’ has released his new EP I am Shvman through the Emengy imprint.  I had the opportunity to ask the producer more about the release.  Continue reading below and be sure to pick up a copy of the record!

First off, can you introduce yourself to Canadian Beats readers?

Hey everyone! My name is SHVMAN, I’ve been producing music for about 5 1/2 years now using FL Studio and as of recently Ableton Live, and I produce EDM tracks varying from chill vibes to heavy bass.

Who are your influences?

Well, when I started making music I was really into Skrillex, and through the years I started listening to artists such as Deadmau5, Flux Pavilion, Kaskade and a whole range of artists each varying in style. Back then they were all I listened to and wanted to listen to. Now I try to keep an open mind and listen to anything I can. I don’t listen to music as just music anymore. I listen to everything and view it as art, which is how I look at my own music.

What made you want to begin pursuing music?

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a guitarist and lead singer in a punk band. I liked that cliche “party all night” concept, as well as the idea of touring with close friends of mine, playing in front of thousands of screaming fans, and just generally living life to the fullest I could. I had a fairly musical family as well, my mum used to play guitar (even though she wasn’t the most experienced guitar player), and my dad ran a DJ company full time doing weddings so I was always listening to either top 40 house music or songs like “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin (my mum LOVED to play that one). So one night when I was about 12 or 13, I was browsing facebook and decided to download Virtual DJ (for reasons I can’t remember). I started off by making mashups of skrillex songs or songs I liked that might have fit together. From there, I picked up ableton briefly, then moved to FL Studio and have used it since.

I guess long story short, I wanted to be a musician as a kid and was around music a lot.

Your second EP, I am Shvman, was released on December 16th via Beatport.  How was the recording process? What were stand-out moments for you?

The recording process was relatively easy from a production perspective. At this point I knew what I was doing very well in the DAW and it was just a matter of letting the ideas flow out naturally. A huge stand out moment had to be when I was producing “Helicopter”. It started off as an idea I threw together the night before playing at Summer Bass music festival. I didn’t think I’d finish it, but when I did I actually surprised myself because the quality of the track was actually higher than I anticipated which was exciting to see.

Whom, or what, are some of your inspirations when working on tracks for the EP?

“Helicopter” was inspired by DR. FRESCH and his G-House tracks as well as Rezz and Bro Safari. “Basic Bitch” was just something I threw together for shits and giggles. If anybody inspired it, I’d have to say NGHTMRE did. “Artist” was actually inspired by a close friend of mine Mully and his track “Inception”.

How would you compare it to your previous releases?

Well, quality wise it is a million times better. These tracks on this EP are by far my favourite out of anything I’ve ever made.

What can fans look forward to seeing from you in 2017?

I can’t say much due to the fact that these are still being discussed. I can tell you for sure that there will be new tracks, collaborations, new EP’s and more shows. Let’s just say 2017 will be a VERY busy year.

At Canadian Beats, we like to dedicate a portion of our interviews for fun questions to help readers get to know you a bit more.  As we are heading closer to the end of 2016, here are some questions relating to the holidays.

What is your favourite holiday memory?

Sitting with my family on Christmas Eve watching movies. That is a huge tradition in my household.

What is your favourite Christmas song?

If I had to choose one song, I’d have to say “Jingle Bell Rock”.

What is your favourite holiday movie?

Nightmare Before Christmas hands down.

What is your favourite holiday treat?

Gingerbread men and peppermint hot chocolate.

What was the best present you gave? 

I gave my girlfriend a purple heart-shaped diamond necklace one year. She still wears it to this day.

What is your New Years resolution?

2016 was a terrible year for my music. So my new years resolution for 2017 is make more music for this year!

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

As unoriginal as this is, follow your dreams and work hard at them! You don’t know how successful you’ll be until you try.

10 Best EP's of 2016 (Canadian Music Blog)

10 Best EP's of 2016 (Canadian Music Blog)

Ranked at #10:

Vancouver’s The Coriolis Project concocts ambient atmospheres in Heliocentric, a disc that takes us on a cinematic ride through beauteous anthems dedicated to the four directions of the compass. Chirps, thunder, and lasers animate the north, chants and mystical brews deck the east, burbles and tinkling adorn the west, and in our favourite track “South” find oceanic chimes and hypnotic hymns. Very cool stuff.

Review & ranking by: Music Canada's Canadian Music Blog

Album Review: Nostalgia by Mully (Wetcoast Beats)

Album Review: Nostalgia by Mully (Wetcoast Beats)

Album Review by Condens8, courtesy of Wetcoast Beats

I don't know if many of you have heard of this guy, but I have only known Mully as the main man behind the Abbotsford based Emengy crew. The are known to throw ragin'  Heavy Bass Music parties that occasionally feature  Wetcoast Heavy Bass DJs Inkredamine and Vacuity. I never really knew he produced, and this album was totally unexpected. The Nostalgia LP is a deep, tasteful piece of work that combines a variety of unique ingredients.... a hybrid mixture of organic and electronic sounds, hip hop + deep + ethereal. Vocal Chops, spoken word, and excellent MCing, This album really covers what I like to hear when I need to relax and think deeply. Because of how awesome this album is....I'm giving you a full run through, here it goes.... 

Track one "Horizons" starts on a somber note, with strings building up a feeling of sadness and anxiety, that eventually ends up being eased by the same instruments that brought the sorrow. This blends into track 2 "Nostalgia" which is a deep hip hop beat, featuring beautiful vocal chops and melodies that bring you back to when you first started listening to beats that were a little out of the ordinary, for me it was DJ shadow, RJD2 and Ratatat.

The mood changes back to a  more dark vibe as Inception is deep & dark, but also atmospheric, and somewhat hopeful. The soundscapes are beautiful, and I could imagine this being played at BassCoast or the Living Room at Shambhala. Throughout the song are subtle spoken words from what sounds like a child, which sends chills down your spine Almost something that Truth or Distance would make, but so unique in Mully's own kind of way. 

The next song "A Little Less Crying" brings back the hip hop vibes, this time with an acoustic guitar playing the lead over heart-wrenching vocals from Nubia. This one has no vocal chops like the last hip hop one, rather, it showcases Nubia's elegant voice in its pure form.  Track five follows this last hip-hop beat with some solid organic MCing in "Recurrence" from Darnell Richier. The beat is reminiscent of 90's hip-hop as there are no shiny things to distract you from a straight solid beat and conscious rap. 

Mully goes deeper with "Meadowbank" which starts off with beautiful vocal chops that you expect to evolve into a chillstep beat. Instead goes into a deep, atmospheric trap beat. Once again, amazing soundscapes run along this track as Mully keeps its classy and keeps the energy levels modest, slowly progressing to a various interludes that really give you that "rainy day" kind of feel. 

Track 7, Haunt me or Love Me, is another hip hop rhythm with the beautiful vocals of Nubia. This time hes teaming up with The Purple Razors, and the beat is somber and spacey. 

For Track 8, the pace really picks up as Mully starts off with a two step intro that is similar to Seven Lions or Rameses B. Expecting Dubstep, I am delightfully surprised when the beat goes into a 4x4 and drops into an Electro beat that has accompanying wobbles that are right on point. The beat then ends just as it started as Mully really flexes his production skills with a slick two step finish. 

The Hip-hop comes back with a chilling beat "Secstacy". Creepy let sexual, this beat feels pretty naughty and spooky at the same time. I cant put my finger on who this reminds me off, but it's definitely a cool beat that gives me ideas as soon as I close my eyes and bob to the beat.

This is followed by his upbeat Truth, as Mully explores uncharted territory with a really smooth deep house tune. Featuring Gaba and Dan Tait, it follows the formula of Deep House, but definitely has its own unique flavor. 

Track 11 "Revelation" takes two of the albums performers as Nubia's cathartic voice laces the chorus with Darnell Richier bringing the real talk. Nubia even gets a singing voice in the middle over-top an organic hip hop beat, this time held down by a piano melody.

Track 12 "The Disciplined Dreamer" - For the closing track of the album, Mully really does something special. Dustin hogan provides inspirational spoken word, as he says the goal of life is not about achieving your dreams, but should rather be becoming the best human you can be in the process. As the energy continues to build. Dustin's extended intro finishes off his extended intro. This is followed off by a beautiful progressive house tune that reminds me of Zedd, or Singularity but is once again touched with a beautiful Mully touch.  Dustin comes back for an interlude and brings more inspiration as he inspires you with the concept of being a "disciplined dreamer" ; someone who makes the sacrifices needed to truly pursue their dreams. 

As a dreamer myself, this album really inspires me. We sort of have similar pasts in that we both started our own crews, invested a lot of time, and potentially forgot our own dreams in the process. This album coincides with myself re-discovering my passion for my music, and I truly think is a gem that comes straight from the heart. I was really stoked to release my "Sell Your Soul Mixtape" on the Emengy Podcast just last week (also embedded in the footer for your listening enjoyment).


I hope Mully has more releases soon because we also seem to share a same passion lineage of acoustic, hip hop, and bass music. I am very excited to work with him more in the future and I hope he can teach me a thing or two as I enter the world of production ....finally. 

Check out Mully's Website at www.DjMully.com  and follow him on Soundcloud

Also Make sure you follow his record label Emengy on Soundcloud, YouTubeMixcloud, and Snag Mully's "Nostalgia" as well as a bunch of other great tunes on the Emengy Beatport. 

Artist Interview: Mully

Artist Interview: Mully

Interview by Remington Fioraso, courtesy of Canadian Beats.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Vancouver’s DJ Mully, also known as Vince Mulville, about his album Nostalgia. The album came out on August 1, 2016 via the Emengy imprint. Continue reading to find out more about the artist and connect with him through his social media profiles.

First off, can you introduce yourself to Canadian Beats readers?
My name is Vince Mulville, also known as Mully. I am an electronic music producer and the founder & manager at Emengy.

Who are your influences?
Musically, I would say early Delerium played a big role for me in the electronic music realm. Those guys are innovators and always will be.

Whom, or what, inspired you to begin pursuing music?
in the early 2000’s I went to many of of the Apex Project raves and just fell in love with the “electronic sound” of the genre. Shortly after, there was actually a local electronic duo called “Limbonius” who I met and really looked up to. They wrote their first solo album, and I thought that just was the coolest thing – A local group putting out an electronic album. It was literally unheard of at the time.

Your new album Nostalgia has recently been released.  How do you feel about the release?  What reception have you heard from fans so far?
The release is super fresh right now. It’s been out for about 4 days now and so far the people who have heard/purchased it have loved it.  Everyone seems to gravitate towards their own favourites, so it’s been hard to tell what the most “popular” track has been.

How was the studio process for you?  What were the most memorable aspects of working on Nostalgia?
The studio process was the most fun I’ve had in years, literally.  Working with Nubia and Darnell in the studio was an incredible amount of fun but also very challenging.  We had a lot of re-arranging to do in the studio to make lyrics fit, and as you know studio time is precious time!  Dustin Hogan was also my backbone throughout the process and always had my back. Cant thank him enough. Kyhan Smith, my recording engineer was also once of the easiest guys to work with and brought so much insight into the album. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a strong team behind me.

Whom, or what, were your inspirations for some of the tracks on the recording?
Tracks 4, 7, and 9 were actually written in 2008 with my prior electronic duo “The Purple Razors”, so it was super cool to finally bring those songs out into the light and show everyone.  The album is more of a reflection of my past, with a taste of what I’ve been working on now. I wouldn’t call it a “concept album”, but I would say it indirectly tells my musical story as an artist up until the present.

The album was released under the Emengy imprint.  For readers unfamiliar with the label, Mulville co-founded the imprint.  Can you tell us a bit about the background of Emengy? 
Well, Emengy was founded in 2010 by myself and Mike Gaba.  At the time we had been running “Emengy” as “M&G Recordings”, hence the name “Emengy”.  Shortly after, my good friend Desmond Parker took over ownership of the label and I took over operations & management and decided to rebrand as “Emengy”.  Since then, the label has released many singles and EP’s ranging from ambient and deep house, right into dubstep and progressive house.  I don’t like to keep Emengy’s doors too narrow, and therefore we are open to many different genres on our roster.  I think the biggest reason for having such a wide range is our location.  The Fraser Valley is much different than Vancouver, where you can have a label that is very genre-specific.  Our job out here is to expose quality electronic dance music to anyone who is willing to listen.

What can fans expect to see next from you in the second half of 2016?
Surprisingly, lots of exciting stuff!  At first it was looking like I might just be focussing on promoting my album and general management with Emengy.  But now I’ve actually got a few remixes in the works that Emengy will be releasing for Mully. Im also in the middle of working on The Coriolis Project’s second EP, which is a side-project of mine.  And of course Emengy has a few events currently in the planning stages.  Lastly, (and maybe I shouldn’t announce this yet), but I am collecting material for what will be: “Nostalgia: The Remixes”, hopefully out before Christmas ;)

At Canadian Beats, we like to allocate a section of our interviews of questions that will allow fans to get to know more about you.

Who are your favourite Canadian artists?
Delerium, Richie Hawtin (If you consider him Canadian) and of course I have an insane amount of respect for Deadmau5.  And as everyone knows, I have a special place in my heart for Lights! lol

What was the first album you purchased?  What was the last?
I think the first album I ever purchased was “In My Memory” by Tiesto in 2002. I believe the latest album I purchased would have been Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack to the movie Interstellar.

What is your favourite summertime activity?
Apart from checking out festivals, Hiking for sure!!

What is one thing you cannot leave your home without?
Besides the cell phone, I’d have to say shoes. Definitely shoes.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and what would you want to do with it first?
Teleportation all the way. I would be a world citizen, bouncing around from country to country!

Finally, is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?
Just want to thank Canadian Beats for all the support you’ve given us here at Emengy, and for all the readers to keep supporting local electronic dance music!


Album Review: Nostalgia by Mully (Electro Wow)

Mully brings his ethereal and Electronica music on his newest album ‘Nostalgia’. It also features songs under the Hip-Hop genre and of course interesting collaborations with other artists. In general, you’ll feel comfortable after listening to all the 12 tracks. There are calming vibes and singular sounds in each tune. Nice instrumental arrangements and melody changes. I am sure that my review comes short of its goals, but one important goal has been reached, the discovery of an amazing talent!


My solo album ‘Nostalgia’ is now available in both digital and hardcopy through the Emengy label! It’s been a super long journey and an incredible experience to work with so many talented people on this project. Some of these tracks date back as far as 2008, so I implore anyone who is willing to take a listen to this, to keep an open mind. Huge shout out to my good friends: Nubia Esmeralda Leiva, Darnell Richier, Dustin Hogan, David Randt, Michael Gaba, Dan Tait, Kyhan Smith, and Jenncast Dreamstation for being part of this and helping me finish this up!! And to everyone has ever supported me, you know who you are

– I love you and thank you.

Words by: Electro Wow

Artist Interview: Royce Myers

Artist Interview: Royce Myers

1. Who the hell are you?
-Royce Myers.

2. What do you do?

-Make and perform bass music.

3. I’ve always been fascinated with the topic of genre... and I noticed that you identify yours as Electro/Progressive House, Dubstep, Drumstep, Breaks, Drum & Bass... How can you narrow yourself into this particular sound, and how might your fans be able to identify it?  Can you Identify it?

-No I can't really identify it.  I typically play by feel.  I wouldn't really classify anything I play as a specific genre anymore. I play what has a good groove.

4. What influences got you moving in the direction you are currently going? Not only in the style of your music, but even getting into music in general.
-It's a bit of a long story, but I have a few friends that got really big in the music scene...not going to name drop, but they we're big contributors to getting me into what i am doing today.  They've pushed me into the scene and since then its been an ongoing adventure.
5. You’ve performed a string of shows in the Okanagan, particularly in Kelowna for this question.  Is it as rowdy as everyone says?  How would you compare the fans in K-Town to the coast?
-Oh boy, thats a good one.  It's absolutely as rowdy as everyone says.  When it comes to the difference in fans, is that in kelowna everyone will go to basically any 'EDM" show. There isnt really any limits to genre to styles.  On the Westcoast, we have the "house heads", the "bass heads", "Trance heads" etc.  So people seem to categorize themselves here into groups compared to Kelowna.  Kelowna doesn't really care what genre it is.  If its good music they'll be there in full force.
6. What do you think cats are really up to?
-Those fucking bastards. Planning world domination with Wal-Mart & Costco.
7. I am a fan of your music, but I am super lazy.  What is the easiest way to find your music?


8. You have to kill one and marry one... we will leave out the third one. So let's just keep it to kill and marry. Gary Busey and Caitlyn Jenner.

-Kill Caitlyn, marry Gary.

9. Working with Emengy as you have been for the past while, what has changed in the way your music is created and presented to the listener?
-Working with Emengy has made me focus alot more on my image and most importantly my productions.  Since signing with them, I've been learning lots and extremely busy in the studio working on upcoming material.  I've also been very focussed on my branding and overall artist image.

10. Best dating website to find true love? 

-No such thing.

11. Craziest thing you have seen at one of your shows?

-Hard to say, but when I opened for Calvin Harris in Calgary, the crowd was absolutely insane. Never felt such a crazy feeling.

12. Who do you look up to most in the industry?

-There was a big crew of homies that emerged out of Kelowna that made it big in the industry.  This really inspired me to continue my passion for music.  It was great to see them build something so big from nothing, especially in the Okanagan during that time.

13. Everyone has some favourite sayings... some shit they refer back to all the time. One of mine is, "Try is another word for fail." I say that because nobody ever says they tried to do something if they actually do it. It's like the easy way to say you didn't succeed. As in, "I tried to get a date with that model." Obviously if you say that, you didn't get the date! What is one of your go-to sayings?

-fuck it.

14. EDM has become very mainstream and popular these days. Probably something to do with the internet magic I can't seem to wrap my head around. What is the hardest part about working in this industry?

-The hardest part about it now is that anyone can be a DJ nowadays.  My great grandma and her dog could have all the basic necessities to becoming a good producer/DJ.  Technology has made it so accessible and at a low cost to get started. So many fish in the sea...

15. If you got a call from the cops, what would you guess it would be for? Let's not go and start listing off your crimes, let's not give them anything they can use in the future. 

-Noise complaint ;)

16. What was your favourite show growing up? You're pretty young so it might still be your favourite show. Name it.

-fuck off lol. Probably jersey shore. jk. In all seriousness I would have to say South Park.

17. Choose a few artists you would like to do a show with. These kind of questions let the reader (singular because it is most like just one dude sitting at home in his underwear sitting on a bean bag chair trying to find out everything he can about you...) get a glimpse into where you see yourself going and who you would like to be associated with.

-Im really digging what artists signed to Firepower Records are doing (Datsik's record label).  They really bring ground breaking material to the table.

18. Best place to go on a first date?
-My bed, the Royce Myers Love Shack.

19. Anything you want to say? We are on question 19 and people are probably going to stop reading soon...
-When is Spottommy going to do some ink work on Royce Myers?

 20. Describe your typical event/show.  Then describe in detail your method for washing a car in slow motion for the ladies.  Make the first answer longer than the second.  It drives women wild.

-Events are heavy on the visuals and lighting.  I'm a big supporter of the whole "audio/visual experience" that Emengy has been doing.  Audio is very important to me.  I try to make sure every performance is the best I can give.  It all really comes down to teamwork.
-About the whole car wash thing. I don't wash my own car, I go and get it detailed.
21. What is your earliest memory of wanting to do what you do?
-Probably middle of 2008. That's when I really started to ponder about the whole DJ thing and wanting to get into it.
22. If you had to wear a head band for the rest of your life, what would it look like?
-It would probably say "Look at me I’m an ass hole" - in any colour.  Because only ass holes wear headbands.
23. Technology has come a long way.  What do you think the future holds for your art with respect to tech innovation?
-Honestly with how crazy technology is advancing.  I really have no idea where it will go from here. Most likely a crazier fusion of sound + visuals.

24. What other areas of art are you interested in?
-Your moms bedroom is pretty nice.

25. Nobody is reading this now. Just string together some words that won't offend your grandmother.
-.....There's really nothing I can come up with that wouldn't offend my grandmother.

Interview by: Spottommy

Artist Interview: Inkredamine

Artist Interview: Inkredamine

1. People always show up late to read these interviews, so I would like to bring them up to speed....Are you a magician or a musician?  Which do you prefer?

Well I was an card sorcerer before I became a wizard on the decks. I found and joined a guild of magicians (I shit you not) and trained up for a bunch of years. I started going to bass shows a lot and started becoming something like a local celebrity through my magic in that community. After falling in love with the music, I decided to DP the magic and music scene - So I like both. At the same time. 

2. Describe yourself.

Can I just supply an image of Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) from Brooklyn nine-nine for this? We’re practically the same person.

3. Your dexterity is obvious.  Does your talent with cards translate well to cooking, or other presentation based expression?  Im thinking you could be the dopest mailman.  Mail delivery is a dying art, you know.

My dexterous hands work really well for my side hobby of performing open skull brain surgery for cheap to underpriveleged Trump supporters. I was uninformed that mail delivery is dying - Maybe I didn’t get the memo. Is there some sort of new way to deliver messages back and forth to people? 

But actually I pencil sketch photo-realistic drawings sometimes or whatever. 

4. Are you currently using your powers for good or evil?

Good Question - I’ll just let the Grey Jedi Code answer this:

    “There must be both dark and light. I will do what I must to keep the balance, as the balance is what holds all life. There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is passion, yet peace; serenity, yet emotion; chaos, yet order. I am a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. I am a guardian of life. I am a Gray Jedi.”

5. What is your favourite place to perform?

Magic - Any smoke pit of any bass music show. Everyone is in high spirits and ready to have their mind blown a bit.

Music - Outdoors under the sun with a large rig of subs in front of me, a bunch of bass faces staring back at me stomping away in on the dusty, sandy dance floor. 

6. If you had to go halfers on a break and enter charge, who would be your partner in crime?

Saul Goodman, obviously.

7. Describe the ultimate remix.

Toccata and Fugue composed by Johann S. Bach… Remixed by G Jones, and then Skrillex would remix that remix, and then Liquid Stranger would remix that remix and finally I would do the final remix of that remix until we reached it’s final form.

8. Why haven’t you done this remix?

Skrillex and I just aren’t that tight anymore. We had a falling out after I spilled a London Fog in his car so I don’t see this happening any time soon. I’ll ask Dillon Francis  or DJ Hansel instead I think.

9. Would you be happy or upset if I did this remix?

I would puke on your head, good sir. 

10. What’s in the ... cards...  for the rest of 2016?

I’m really looking forward to putting out my first, all original track. I’m still apprenticing music production under the one and only Jacob Goodison (Vacuity) but I hope to have some fresh music coming out in the 3rd quarter and lots of shows coming up in the near future. And on the magic front… Just come to a show i’m playing at and i’ll show you what’s what in the smoke pit. 

11. Best black comedian in your opinion. I say in your opinion, because if it doesn't match the true best black comedian then it's just opinion and not fact. 

By “Black comedian” you must mean dark humour. So my vote for best dark comedian goes to Dane Cook after he had all those life problems and just got all dark and serious. Black AF IMO.

12. Best festival.

My heart will always be with Shambhala IF ONLY (AND ONLY) They take down the WIFI towers to stop people from being on their phones at the festival. I think a big part of going to a festival is letting go and not having that attachment to the real world. Festival land is where you wanna be, not Facebook land.

13. Why are they spending so much money on curing cancer when they should be making a pill that makes you instantly sober?

Maybe if they made a pill that makes you sober, people would realize cancer is curable but big pharma wants to hide it for profit.  Illuminati & triangles & Satan & shit.

14. On that note... do you think that open minded people are easily offended, and in turn, are easily offended people open minded?

This question offends me. 

15. Tell me about feminism. (Yes, I am pretty much trying to get everyone offended in this episode.)

Unfortunately a small percentage of feminists make us men out to be evil slam hounds, horn dogs, or some other negative connotation to the canine genus. This gives many feminists a bad rap and distorts the overall image. These are the people that say men should never care for children or be allowed alone with a toddler, or how men are blundering idiots and all rapists at heart. They also throw around the word “Equality” which isn’t even the right term for what we, as a human race, need to see. If we all had equality, everyone would be given the same size of shoe, clothes would all be unisex, certain laws and regulations with be identical for both sexes - and these things just don’t work for everyone; We don't need everything to be "Equal" but we need things to be fair.

What we need (And the good feminists already strive for) is something called “Equity”, which means fairness. If feminism worked out and everyone strived for equity, we would see a world where males would be treated fairly and so would women. Certain laws and regulations would cater to the individual needs of each sex, things would be fair, and no one would feel that one sex is the superior . So if you vote for me as the next President of the United States of America, I would do my very best to ensure a prosperous future for you and yours, in a world where both sexes are treated equal, yet acknowledged as individuals with their own needs.

16. Favourite childhood memory.

When my mom would let me skip school a bunch to watch the Price is Right with her. (In the days of Bob Barker)

17. How does being creative, in your case with music, change the way you experience life as a whole?

Yeah totally. Every sound you hear in nature (Or in the city) that you hear is a potential thing to use in music, even as a weird vocal hook or something to throw in before a big drop. Use your ears and open your imagination. Everything can be something.

18. Best looking famous people this year. Let's go for men and women.

Man - Derek Zoolander, still so hot right now. *Fire Emoji*

Woman - Emma Stone, Zooey D, which ever just have one marry me.

19. How would you define success in your music?

Being able to live off the music. Wake up, make some coffee, smoke a j, start making sounds or mixing some tunes and knowing that     theres some coin coming in from doing the thing you love and not having to work in some retail job or at something you hate. 

20. Give me the PG version of where babies come from. Do not use words like "penis, vagina, mommy, daddy or love"

Having a baby is like collaborating on a track. You have one artist that sounds SUPER dope on their own, like just smashes. You then have another artist who comes along and sometimes doesn’t quite know what they’re doing but they’ve made music before but isn’t quite as experienced.  If you put them in the same room for long enough, eventually with enough screwing around… they produce a track together and the one artist just throws their name on it because they were in the room and just gave up a little squirt of information while the other artist does all the mastering work spends all the time perfecting it until like 9 months later a little work of art is released upon the world. 

21. Any thoughts on stuff, or life, or things? 

I don’t really understand how bars of soap work. Like are they self cleaning or what is going on there? 

22. Cats are assholes.


23. Would you rather end up in a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean with Mila Kuniz or be stuck in a floating boat with Rosanne Barr in the middle of the ocean?

Mila Kuniz so I could have the satisfaction of being the last person to tell her to “Shut up, Meg”

24. So a while ago I was in Cambodia. No this story isn't going where you think it is. Well, yea it was a really good trip. Your favourite place?

My bed. Gonna go cop some mad Z’s right after this interview and have a yung nap.

24. Give us some insight into where you come from when you're making your magic in the studio or on stage.

I HATE when you’re at someones house at a party or something and some guy finds a deck of cards and starts telling you some huge story about how the 4 queens went on a date with the 4 jacks who met up with 4 aces and blah blah blah. That shit’s boring. No plaid wearing millennial has time for that anymore, we all lack attention spans. I like to think of stuff that happens quickly, pops, and makes you go “Wait WHAT, how did that even…?” - Like having your signed card appear 3 stories above you staring back at you without me leaving a 5 ft radius. 

I’ve learned for many years the hidden psychology of magic and how the human brain acts. There are many rules in magic you follow     that also translate into life… and I’ve found also translates into DJing or making music. (#Rule 1 - Big action covers small action) 

25. Did you do well in school?  If this is too forward, did you do well socially in school?

No I was terrible in high school, the teachers didn’t make it interesting and I had a hard time figuring out why I was trying to be taught the best way to use powerpoint. I was also pretty socially awkward, I was like the least popular kid in the popular group. I was the Tropical House of high school. 

Thanks!!! Matt (Inkredamine)

Interview by: Spottommy


Event Review: Emengy's Audio/Visual Experience

Event Review: Emengy's Audio/Visual Experience

What: Emengy Presents An Audio/Visual Exhibition
Where: Phoenix Lounge in Abbotsford, BC
When: January 23, 2015

On January 23, 2015, I was able to attend an event held by Emengy at Phoenix Lounge in Abbotsford, British Columbia. For Emengy Presents An Audio/Visual Exhibition, three electronic artists were featured. From 8-10, DJ Coco opened up the musical content. From 10-11:30, Mully took over. Finally, Zarise played until closing. Additionally, live saxophonist Innate played.

Not only did the event showcase the audio artists, but there were visual artists showcased as well. There were numerous glow in the dark paintings around the venue. There were live paintings being produced and body painting.

As I am getting more into electronic music, it is awesome to be able to go to more events with EDM music. I liked being able to stay locally yet still have a lot of fun. The vibe created was a cool environment to be in because you were able to simply hang out with friends, have conversations, listen to awesome beats, and look at the artwork. It was a fun night featuring so many talented artists!

If you are around the Fraser Valley, there is not as much to do as Vancouver. However, the events hosted by Emengy counter that. It provides an increased nightlife presence – especially in regards to EDM. If you are in or around the area, I would definitely recommend going out to one of the upcoming events!

Review by: Remington Fioraso, courtesy of Canadian Beats

EP Review: Light Years EP by Phonehome

EP Review: Light Years EP by Phonehome

Album: Light Years
Genre: Electronic
Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/light-years/1446542
Release Date: January 19, 2015

Phonehome is an electronic duo from Vancouver, British Columbia. David and Dustin, also known as D-Fresh and Davie Roibot, form the pair. On January 19, 2015, Phonehome released their EP entitled “Light Years” via Beatport. Additionally, it will be available on iTunes on February 2, 2015. The release contains the original mix, an extended version, a radio edit, and two remixes.

The instrumentals for Light Years was created by Phonehome. The vocals and lyrics were completed by Elle-Ectric, an indie pop group from Vancouver. The combination of the two lead to an addicting track. An aspect that I really enjoy of the release is being able to listen to other artists takes on the original track. The first remix track included on the Light Years EP was the Hoxton Whores Remix. The second remix track featured on the release was the Mully Remix. Each have their own sound to them and are enjoyable to listen to. It is a solid EP overall.

If you enjoy EDM, I would definitely check out the release.

Rating: 4/5

Review by: Remington Fioraso, courtesy of Canadian Beats

EP Review: Musichouse EP

EP Review: Musichouse EP

Album: MusicHouse EP
Release Date: January 20, 2015
Genre: Electronic/Dubstep
Label: Emengy
Download Link: http://www.beatport.com/release/musichouse/1446638

MusicHouse is a multi-genre group from Vancouver, BC. The group consists of G-Wize, JP, and Sandy Toes. On January 20, 2015, the group released their debut album entitled “MusicHouse EP.” The album contains four tracks including the upcoming single “March.”

Upon listening to the album, it is very evident that they cannot fit into specific genre. I found it intriguing that elements of EDM, rock, hip-hop and dubstep were present within the given tracklisting. Although they a multi-genre blend, the songs are well put together. I especially liked the instrumentals. I thought it was really cool and creates a unique sound by the artist. The songs that stood out the most for me were “March” and “Diamonds” featuring Danielle Howell.

The release makes me excited to see the group on their upcoming tour! I would recommend checking out the MusicHouse EP if you enjoy hip-hop and/or electronic music.

Rating: 3.5/5

Review by: Remington Fioraso, courtesy of Canadian Beats

Artist Interview: Mully

Artist Interview: Mully

1. Who are you?

I am Vince Mulville.

2. What do you do?

I am the producer behind “Mully” and head of management at Emengy/M&G Recordings.

3. Why do you do it?

I have an insanely huge passion in helping artists succeed and reach greater heights in their career. I also love creating dance music grooves!

4. Anybody who participates in the creative process puts part of themselves into what they do. When you make music, how do you express yourself and how does it influence the final result?

I write music to express my inner feelings I guess. And its also a huge passion for me.  Its hard for me to pin point specifically what inspires me the most about writing a record.  I enjoy creating something original from essentially nothing - which in addition, is how Emengy started.

5. Aside from making music, what do you do?

I am head of management at Emengy/M&G Recordings.  So that basically involves everything you can think of that needs to be taken care of within a record label.

6. Do you get more girls because you're a musician? I hear that guys who walk around with a guitar attract women. Do you ever walk around with some DJ equipment?

Guys with guitars definitely get more women.  I always walk around with a pair of Technics, but it doesn’t seem to get me any farther with women.

7. What's the best joke you know?

Spottommy.  JK :)

8. Recently you were the guest mixer for the [emengy] podcast. What was that like? Tell us what is up with these podcasts?

The Emengy Podcast is a very diverse project that features many different styles of electronic music.  For me, creating the Emengy Podcast was a perfect evolution from my previous podcast “System Sessions”. It’s great because it allows my involvement to be 100% transparent. Doing episode 21 as “Mully” was a lot of fun for me though. I was able to showcase quite a few tracks that I’ve been listening to lately along with some classics.

9. What do you have planned for the next year? 

This year we have a lot planned within Emengy including loads of new releases and remixes, live events, custom projection visuals and lots more. A big focus for Emengy this year will be artist development and live events to support our releases.  Regarding my own personal productions, I am currently working on some original material, along with some exciting collaborations with other Emengy artists.

10. I have always wanted to jump into an Olympic sized swimming pool filled with Jell-o... also to fall from 10 km up through layers of Saran Wrap spaced about 10 feet apart... Do you think you could arrange either of these things? Oh, and what are some of your dreams?

I do not think I could arrange any of those dreams for you. Maybe on a smaller scale we could set you up with a little baby pool filled with jello that you could bathe in.  As far as my dreams go thats a tough one!  I would like to see everyone working with Emengy reach their ultimate goal in the industry. In addition i would like to see Emengy grow as a network, community and label to a level never before seen.

11. What's the biggest downfall of being part of the music industry? What the best thing about it?

In my opinion, the worse part would have to be the lack of appreciation for how hard artists actually work to just create one project or record.  Best thing about it would be that you get to wake up and do what you love everyday!

12. Have you done anything exciting lately? (tell us about it)

Last week my good friend Dustin Hogan asked me to be a guest speaker at Stylus College of Music and Sound Technology for one of the classes he is teaching.  That was a super cool experience for me personally, the label and also for everyone who attended the info session.

13. How do you set yourself apart, what makes you different than everybody else making music out there?

In all honesty, my main focus is geared towards expanding and developing artists under Emengy. As far as my own productions, probably staying true to myself and not giving myself any boundaries has allowed me to expand my sound.

14. Diamonds are a girls best friend... they are very expensive. A dog is a mans best friend... they sniff other dogs butts. What is the main difference between men and women?

Men are animals, but some of them make great pets.

15. If someone wrote a biography on your life would it be worth reading? What are a few key points that would be in it? What would it be titled?

I think people would get a kick out of my biography haha.  Lots of ups and downs. No idea what it would be called though… Maybe “Don’t Read This Book” haha. But seriously, I have no idea…Im not ready for a biography yet!!

16. Describe your music in a few words. 

Deep, underground, sophisticated dance music.

17. Do you speak any other languages?


18. Who puts on the best live show?

Wow. Tough one. deadmau5 has a lot going on in his sets, and always pushes the boundaries. If I had to pick, maybe Infected Mushroom. But again thats a tough question.

19. What does being creative mean to you? 

Creativity means freedom to me. Expressing yourself in any form of art is such a natural high I find. I think many others can agree with me on that!

20. Boy bands came and never left, unfortunately. However, you remind me of one (or all) of the Backstreet Boys. Which one do you think you are most like?

Man that’s wild. I don’t even know what they look like.

21. What's the best movie ever?

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

22. Where do you see the EDM scene going in the future?

I hope it continues to evolve and incorporate other genres.  Currently it seems to be reaching a sort of climax as far as that “big room” mainstream sound goes. I think it will be important in the future that artists continue to push the envelope with their productions and creativity.

23. Music draws a lot of emotion for many people. Do you hope to draw something in particular from your listeners or do you just go with what you feel? What goes on for you when you are making tracks?

Generally I hope the listener gives the record a chance and is open to new sounds. Most of my records and ideas come straight from my personal emotions. When I’m sitting in the studio working on a track or remix, I really just try to keep it simple and essentially not think about anything except for what grooves are on my mind, and what direction i can take them within my track.

24. You have been doing a lot of work with and for [emengy]... tell the folks what's going on with that.

Yeah, Emengy has been the main and primary focus for me and Mully’s productions have unfortunately suffered from that - BUT I am totally fine with this.  Again to keep it simple - This year Emengy will focus on artist development along with live events and creating custom visuals for our artists.  We have many releases planned for both Emengy and M&G Recordings with the hopes of reaching new heights in the industry.

25. Anything you have to add?

Thanks for the interview bro, and everyone be sure to lookout for some new Emengy/Spottommy collab gear!!



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Interview by: Spottommy

Artist Interview: Starcom

Artist Interview: Starcom

1. Who is Starcom?

One half British composer, one half Canadian sound designer. Together we joint forces to create groovy dance floor bangers and mash. 

2. Where did the name come from?

Space is an interest we both have in common and we kinda just went from there. If we don't make it as producers we are considering becoming mars settlers. 

3. What is it that you do?

Not too many things beyond making music and keeping it real. 

4. For those who have never heard of you or heard your music. How would you describe yourselves? Both individually and as a group.

We both allow our creative madness to flow freely and combine our influences from different backgrounds which listeners will probably pick up from our music. John inherited his learning from a more traditional upbringing into the music world, from classically smashing keys and sporting a university degree. While Santos grew up around latin grooves and took an interest in more electronic music. 

5. What is your recipe for success? How do you plan on moving from where you are at this point in time to where you want to be a year from now?

We would definitely include caffeine amongst other things in our makeshift recipe. We hope to get it right next year before our hearts fail. Also a more consistent show schedule.

6. What does the next year hold for Starcom?

The release of our freshest EP project, some funky remixes and some cool originals from the band we are a part of, RobotSexMusic.

7. Who makes the best burgers ever?

Fatburger, with 5 guys close behind. But nothing beats a good ol' summer barbecue.  

8. What song are you most proud of creating?

A couple in our latest EP are tickling our fancy, but if we had to pick an old favourite it would definitely be "Super Banana". It was when we had finally mastered the fusion dance.  

9. If you had to make one animal, nothing smaller than a cat, become extinct. What animal would you choose?

Titans, for the greater cause of humanity.

10. Music means a lot of things to a lot of people. Almost everyone would answer this question differently. What does music mean to you? What does actually creating music mean to you?

Taking a piece of yourself and creating a temporary window into your emotions and state of mind. As well as a lot of head bobbing.

11. How has being part of the Emengy crew changed what you do?

It's only recent we've joined the Emengy family and are more-so excited than anything.

12. Leaving porn out of this, what is the best website to browse for entertainment value?

Many hours are clocked in on YouTube cruising the side bar listening to related music, Soundcloud would definitely be a second!

13. If you could go back a year and change something, would you do it? What would it be?

Nah we are pretty content right now, though maybe some matching hair cuts would provide some comedic value.

14. What are your longterm goals?

We hope to perform worldwide and truly consider ourselves one with the universe.

15. How do you feel about cats?

Similar to the Egyptians, it is finally time relinquish power to the cat overlords.

16. What is the most important thing in creating something new and unique?

Not losing sight of your original idea.

17. What is the hardest job you've ever had?

We once had to switch light bulbs outside our work place on a fully extended sky jack which we can tell you, was a bad time.

18. What is something interesting about Starcom that people don't know?

Not a lot of people know we work together at a conference centre as well as being Starcom.

19. Who has influenced you most?

Our top three would have to be our parents, Daft Punk and Daft Punk's parents.

20. What period in history, aside from the current one, would you most like to have lived in?

In the era where disco balls were a staple of any good club. If we had to go farther back in time ancient Greece seems like it would be good times. 

21. How do you see the music industry changing? Is it for the better or worse?

If we had to comment on the music industry we don't want to say it's aliens, but it's aliens.

22. Opinions on Greenpeace?

We're down for the planet.

23. If you could play at any music festival in the world, which one would it be? 

Ultra Music Festival looks like it would be a hoot to perform at.

24. Everyone knows that Russia recently held the Olympics (if they don't, they live under a rock and certainly won't be reading this interview), shortly after that, they invaded Ukraine. What do you have to say about that?

Don't be a bully is the only sound advice, also aliens.

25. Kinda left it on a bit of a heavier note, but, you get the last word here. What do you have to say?

Omlette du fromage!

Interview by: Spottommy