1. People always show up late to read these interviews, so I would like to bring them up to speed....Are you a magician or a musician?  Which do you prefer?

Well I was an card sorcerer before I became a wizard on the decks. I found and joined a guild of magicians (I shit you not) and trained up for a bunch of years. I started going to bass shows a lot and started becoming something like a local celebrity through my magic in that community. After falling in love with the music, I decided to DP the magic and music scene - So I like both. At the same time. 

2. Describe yourself.

Can I just supply an image of Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) from Brooklyn nine-nine for this? We’re practically the same person.

3. Your dexterity is obvious.  Does your talent with cards translate well to cooking, or other presentation based expression?  Im thinking you could be the dopest mailman.  Mail delivery is a dying art, you know.

My dexterous hands work really well for my side hobby of performing open skull brain surgery for cheap to underpriveleged Trump supporters. I was uninformed that mail delivery is dying - Maybe I didn’t get the memo. Is there some sort of new way to deliver messages back and forth to people? 

But actually I pencil sketch photo-realistic drawings sometimes or whatever. 

4. Are you currently using your powers for good or evil?

Good Question - I’ll just let the Grey Jedi Code answer this:

    “There must be both dark and light. I will do what I must to keep the balance, as the balance is what holds all life. There is no good without evil, but evil must not be allowed to flourish. There is passion, yet peace; serenity, yet emotion; chaos, yet order. I am a wielder of the flame; a champion of balance. I am a guardian of life. I am a Gray Jedi.”

5. What is your favourite place to perform?

Magic - Any smoke pit of any bass music show. Everyone is in high spirits and ready to have their mind blown a bit.

Music - Outdoors under the sun with a large rig of subs in front of me, a bunch of bass faces staring back at me stomping away in on the dusty, sandy dance floor. 

6. If you had to go halfers on a break and enter charge, who would be your partner in crime?

Saul Goodman, obviously.

7. Describe the ultimate remix.

Toccata and Fugue composed by Johann S. Bach… Remixed by G Jones, and then Skrillex would remix that remix, and then Liquid Stranger would remix that remix and finally I would do the final remix of that remix until we reached it’s final form.

8. Why haven’t you done this remix?

Skrillex and I just aren’t that tight anymore. We had a falling out after I spilled a London Fog in his car so I don’t see this happening any time soon. I’ll ask Dillon Francis  or DJ Hansel instead I think.

9. Would you be happy or upset if I did this remix?

I would puke on your head, good sir. 

10. What’s in the ... cards...  for the rest of 2016?

I’m really looking forward to putting out my first, all original track. I’m still apprenticing music production under the one and only Jacob Goodison (Vacuity) but I hope to have some fresh music coming out in the 3rd quarter and lots of shows coming up in the near future. And on the magic front… Just come to a show i’m playing at and i’ll show you what’s what in the smoke pit. 

11. Best black comedian in your opinion. I say in your opinion, because if it doesn't match the true best black comedian then it's just opinion and not fact. 

By “Black comedian” you must mean dark humour. So my vote for best dark comedian goes to Dane Cook after he had all those life problems and just got all dark and serious. Black AF IMO.

12. Best festival.

My heart will always be with Shambhala IF ONLY (AND ONLY) They take down the WIFI towers to stop people from being on their phones at the festival. I think a big part of going to a festival is letting go and not having that attachment to the real world. Festival land is where you wanna be, not Facebook land.

13. Why are they spending so much money on curing cancer when they should be making a pill that makes you instantly sober?

Maybe if they made a pill that makes you sober, people would realize cancer is curable but big pharma wants to hide it for profit.  Illuminati & triangles & Satan & shit.

14. On that note... do you think that open minded people are easily offended, and in turn, are easily offended people open minded?

This question offends me. 

15. Tell me about feminism. (Yes, I am pretty much trying to get everyone offended in this episode.)

Unfortunately a small percentage of feminists make us men out to be evil slam hounds, horn dogs, or some other negative connotation to the canine genus. This gives many feminists a bad rap and distorts the overall image. These are the people that say men should never care for children or be allowed alone with a toddler, or how men are blundering idiots and all rapists at heart. They also throw around the word “Equality” which isn’t even the right term for what we, as a human race, need to see. If we all had equality, everyone would be given the same size of shoe, clothes would all be unisex, certain laws and regulations with be identical for both sexes - and these things just don’t work for everyone; We don't need everything to be "Equal" but we need things to be fair.

What we need (And the good feminists already strive for) is something called “Equity”, which means fairness. If feminism worked out and everyone strived for equity, we would see a world where males would be treated fairly and so would women. Certain laws and regulations would cater to the individual needs of each sex, things would be fair, and no one would feel that one sex is the superior . So if you vote for me as the next President of the United States of America, I would do my very best to ensure a prosperous future for you and yours, in a world where both sexes are treated equal, yet acknowledged as individuals with their own needs.

16. Favourite childhood memory.

When my mom would let me skip school a bunch to watch the Price is Right with her. (In the days of Bob Barker)

17. How does being creative, in your case with music, change the way you experience life as a whole?

Yeah totally. Every sound you hear in nature (Or in the city) that you hear is a potential thing to use in music, even as a weird vocal hook or something to throw in before a big drop. Use your ears and open your imagination. Everything can be something.

18. Best looking famous people this year. Let's go for men and women.

Man - Derek Zoolander, still so hot right now. *Fire Emoji*

Woman - Emma Stone, Zooey D, which ever just have one marry me.

19. How would you define success in your music?

Being able to live off the music. Wake up, make some coffee, smoke a j, start making sounds or mixing some tunes and knowing that     theres some coin coming in from doing the thing you love and not having to work in some retail job or at something you hate. 

20. Give me the PG version of where babies come from. Do not use words like "penis, vagina, mommy, daddy or love"

Having a baby is like collaborating on a track. You have one artist that sounds SUPER dope on their own, like just smashes. You then have another artist who comes along and sometimes doesn’t quite know what they’re doing but they’ve made music before but isn’t quite as experienced.  If you put them in the same room for long enough, eventually with enough screwing around… they produce a track together and the one artist just throws their name on it because they were in the room and just gave up a little squirt of information while the other artist does all the mastering work spends all the time perfecting it until like 9 months later a little work of art is released upon the world. 

21. Any thoughts on stuff, or life, or things? 

I don’t really understand how bars of soap work. Like are they self cleaning or what is going on there? 

22. Cats are assholes.


23. Would you rather end up in a sinking boat in the middle of the ocean with Mila Kuniz or be stuck in a floating boat with Rosanne Barr in the middle of the ocean?

Mila Kuniz so I could have the satisfaction of being the last person to tell her to “Shut up, Meg”

24. So a while ago I was in Cambodia. No this story isn't going where you think it is. Well, yea it was a really good trip. Your favourite place?

My bed. Gonna go cop some mad Z’s right after this interview and have a yung nap.

24. Give us some insight into where you come from when you're making your magic in the studio or on stage.

I HATE when you’re at someones house at a party or something and some guy finds a deck of cards and starts telling you some huge story about how the 4 queens went on a date with the 4 jacks who met up with 4 aces and blah blah blah. That shit’s boring. No plaid wearing millennial has time for that anymore, we all lack attention spans. I like to think of stuff that happens quickly, pops, and makes you go “Wait WHAT, how did that even…?” - Like having your signed card appear 3 stories above you staring back at you without me leaving a 5 ft radius. 

I’ve learned for many years the hidden psychology of magic and how the human brain acts. There are many rules in magic you follow     that also translate into life… and I’ve found also translates into DJing or making music. (#Rule 1 - Big action covers small action) 

25. Did you do well in school?  If this is too forward, did you do well socially in school?

No I was terrible in high school, the teachers didn’t make it interesting and I had a hard time figuring out why I was trying to be taught the best way to use powerpoint. I was also pretty socially awkward, I was like the least popular kid in the popular group. I was the Tropical House of high school. 

Thanks!!! Matt (Inkredamine)

Interview by: Spottommy