1. Who the hell are you?
-Royce Myers.

2. What do you do?

-Make and perform bass music.

3. I’ve always been fascinated with the topic of genre... and I noticed that you identify yours as Electro/Progressive House, Dubstep, Drumstep, Breaks, Drum & Bass... How can you narrow yourself into this particular sound, and how might your fans be able to identify it?  Can you Identify it?

-No I can't really identify it.  I typically play by feel.  I wouldn't really classify anything I play as a specific genre anymore. I play what has a good groove.

4. What influences got you moving in the direction you are currently going? Not only in the style of your music, but even getting into music in general.
-It's a bit of a long story, but I have a few friends that got really big in the music scene...not going to name drop, but they we're big contributors to getting me into what i am doing today.  They've pushed me into the scene and since then its been an ongoing adventure.
5. You’ve performed a string of shows in the Okanagan, particularly in Kelowna for this question.  Is it as rowdy as everyone says?  How would you compare the fans in K-Town to the coast?
-Oh boy, thats a good one.  It's absolutely as rowdy as everyone says.  When it comes to the difference in fans, is that in kelowna everyone will go to basically any 'EDM" show. There isnt really any limits to genre to styles.  On the Westcoast, we have the "house heads", the "bass heads", "Trance heads" etc.  So people seem to categorize themselves here into groups compared to Kelowna.  Kelowna doesn't really care what genre it is.  If its good music they'll be there in full force.
6. What do you think cats are really up to?
-Those fucking bastards. Planning world domination with Wal-Mart & Costco.
7. I am a fan of your music, but I am super lazy.  What is the easiest way to find your music?


8. You have to kill one and marry one... we will leave out the third one. So let's just keep it to kill and marry. Gary Busey and Caitlyn Jenner.

-Kill Caitlyn, marry Gary.

9. Working with Emengy as you have been for the past while, what has changed in the way your music is created and presented to the listener?
-Working with Emengy has made me focus alot more on my image and most importantly my productions.  Since signing with them, I've been learning lots and extremely busy in the studio working on upcoming material.  I've also been very focussed on my branding and overall artist image.

10. Best dating website to find true love? 

-No such thing.

11. Craziest thing you have seen at one of your shows?

-Hard to say, but when I opened for Calvin Harris in Calgary, the crowd was absolutely insane. Never felt such a crazy feeling.

12. Who do you look up to most in the industry?

-There was a big crew of homies that emerged out of Kelowna that made it big in the industry.  This really inspired me to continue my passion for music.  It was great to see them build something so big from nothing, especially in the Okanagan during that time.

13. Everyone has some favourite sayings... some shit they refer back to all the time. One of mine is, "Try is another word for fail." I say that because nobody ever says they tried to do something if they actually do it. It's like the easy way to say you didn't succeed. As in, "I tried to get a date with that model." Obviously if you say that, you didn't get the date! What is one of your go-to sayings?

-fuck it.

14. EDM has become very mainstream and popular these days. Probably something to do with the internet magic I can't seem to wrap my head around. What is the hardest part about working in this industry?

-The hardest part about it now is that anyone can be a DJ nowadays.  My great grandma and her dog could have all the basic necessities to becoming a good producer/DJ.  Technology has made it so accessible and at a low cost to get started. So many fish in the sea...

15. If you got a call from the cops, what would you guess it would be for? Let's not go and start listing off your crimes, let's not give them anything they can use in the future. 

-Noise complaint ;)

16. What was your favourite show growing up? You're pretty young so it might still be your favourite show. Name it.

-fuck off lol. Probably jersey shore. jk. In all seriousness I would have to say South Park.

17. Choose a few artists you would like to do a show with. These kind of questions let the reader (singular because it is most like just one dude sitting at home in his underwear sitting on a bean bag chair trying to find out everything he can about you...) get a glimpse into where you see yourself going and who you would like to be associated with.

-Im really digging what artists signed to Firepower Records are doing (Datsik's record label).  They really bring ground breaking material to the table.

18. Best place to go on a first date?
-My bed, the Royce Myers Love Shack.

19. Anything you want to say? We are on question 19 and people are probably going to stop reading soon...
-When is Spottommy going to do some ink work on Royce Myers?

 20. Describe your typical event/show.  Then describe in detail your method for washing a car in slow motion for the ladies.  Make the first answer longer than the second.  It drives women wild.

-Events are heavy on the visuals and lighting.  I'm a big supporter of the whole "audio/visual experience" that Emengy has been doing.  Audio is very important to me.  I try to make sure every performance is the best I can give.  It all really comes down to teamwork.
-About the whole car wash thing. I don't wash my own car, I go and get it detailed.
21. What is your earliest memory of wanting to do what you do?
-Probably middle of 2008. That's when I really started to ponder about the whole DJ thing and wanting to get into it.
22. If you had to wear a head band for the rest of your life, what would it look like?
-It would probably say "Look at me I’m an ass hole" - in any colour.  Because only ass holes wear headbands.
23. Technology has come a long way.  What do you think the future holds for your art with respect to tech innovation?
-Honestly with how crazy technology is advancing.  I really have no idea where it will go from here. Most likely a crazier fusion of sound + visuals.

24. What other areas of art are you interested in?
-Your moms bedroom is pretty nice.

25. Nobody is reading this now. Just string together some words that won't offend your grandmother.
-.....There's really nothing I can come up with that wouldn't offend my grandmother.

Interview by: Spottommy