1. Who are you?

I am a production artist. I am a bedroom music maker who strives on creating big sounds with a minimalist setup. 

2. Tell the people what it is that you do? 

I write genre-less music, that is, it is hard to take a handful of my songs and categorize them into one genre as a whole. Inspiration can come from a million different things for me, which does not easily translate into one specific sound or feeling. To answer your question again, what is it I do? Well, I transform emotion into sound.

3. What is your favorite aspect of creating art?

My favourite aspect of creating art is when I get to that moment in the production process of making a track, and I think to myself, this is going to be a freakin' awesome song. It could be as simple as having the bare bones to a drum beat, or the final stages of a mastered a song.

4. If you had to put yourself in a competition, either one that you would win, or one that you would take great pleasure in participating in, what would it be?

Well, it depends what the prize is for winning the competition. 

5. What makes you unique and special in terms of being a producer?

I think the key to being unique is to not dwell on one particular song or artist as inspiration. If you're trying too hard to copy the next big Hardwell song, you're not going to be unique. That being said, as a producer, I believe that all artists naturally attenuate to making music their own particular way. So I think what makes me unique, is that I don't let the newest Beatport top 10 track steer my creative process, even if it means no ones going to be into my stuff because it's too out there or something. There's no such thing as too out there anyways, there's always going to be at least one or two people into what you're doing.

6. Which artist would you want to take down? Not like, physically kick their knees and make them fall, but actually take down in the world of making art, and that is "art" in the loose sense of the term. Justin Bieber would be considered "art" in this sense.

I'm not sure he would be classified as art even in the loosest terms, but my answer is Pitbull. 

7. What are you currently working on? Tell us a bit about it, wet the appetite a little. 

Currently I have devoted all my musical time on a project in the works for about two years. "Phonehome" is comprised of myself and another fellow producer D-Fresh. I'm not going to say anything more than that. Check us out onBeatport, iTunes, whatever...

8. You can take any celebrity out on a date. Anywhere. Who do you take, where do you go, what do you do?

James Franco (and I wouldn't tell my girlfriend either). Lamplighter in Gastown. Drink beer.

9. What do YOU wear on the date?

Jeans and a v-neck T. I hardly ever wear anything else.

10. Who or what keeps you motivated to keep creating, expanding, building, and moving forward in music?

Producing music, specifically electronic, is always a learning experience. The genre is always evolving. The fact that I learn something, whether it's a production technique, or music theory, or whatever, each time a have a crack at making a new song, keeps me motivated. Producing music is like practising an instrument. 

11. Your turn to ask a question... go for it.

What makes you interested in what artists have to say?

12. What do you have planned for 2014?

Phonehome domination

13. Before you got into producing, did you anticipate that this is what you would be doing? Or, in other words, 10 years ago, are you doing what you thought you would be?

I started producing music from the time i plugged the quarter inch cable from my guitar amp output into the back of my old Windows '95 computer via a quarter to eighth inch adapter. I recorded a few chords and I was absolutely hooked on the idea of capturing sound. Back then I would've thought I'd be playing music with a band, currently, or recording/producing more indie rock-ish stuff. I've never been into playing with other musicians. There's something about being the producer, and having control over every sound you create. I guess it's only natural that I am where I am now.

14. Who is your man crush?

James Franco

15. What is the most frustrating part of doing what you do? Also, let's keep this positive, what is the best part of it?

Frustrating: creating something that you're totally into, and having someone or a label turn it down. Best part: watching people react to your music in a positive way, whether it's a YouTube comment, or a thumbs up, or a radio announcer digging your track.

16. Who would be your first choice to do a collaboration project with?

James Franco... Just kidding. I'm not sure, maybe Justin Timberlake.


17. Hypothetically, if I told you that you and I were going to get matching tattoos right now, what would they be? Okay, maybe this is slightly less hypothetical and more of a "let's go do it."

Probably a heart with James Franco's name in it.

18. What is the most illegal thing you have done? Errr... What is the most illegal thing that one of your unnamed friends has done?

I ran a red light once.

19. What do you hope to give to the music scene and how do you plan on doing it? What will you do that pushes the industry a little bit further?

I don't know if I'll ever reach that point. Maybe I'll invent a new genre, with kazoos and synthesizers...oh shoot, Avicii already did that. Man, he's always pushing the envelope. 

20. What has been the biggest or most defining moment in your music career?

I do not consider anything I have done to this point, career oriented. I'm just a big hobbyist, music nerd. Maybe my music will take off one day and then I can answer that question. 

21. How do you feel about cats?

Not a huge cat person

22. Would you say your music style holds to a general genre or theme or do you tend to diversify more?

Diversify. But if you had to categorize it, maybe house / indie dance...

23. If you could create or invent something that would make you have an extra twinkle in your eye or some butterflies in your stomach (basically, make you happier) what would it be?

Hmmm... I have this device called a slap chop (google it), and it sort of does a good job of dicing onions, but seriously, if there was a better way of doing that I'd be a lot happier.

24. If I you won the lottery and won $24,000... would you "let it ride" and get more tickets, or what would you do with it?

I would put it towards a down payment on a new place or something...maybe a new studio...

25. Here is your opportunity to say pretty much whatever you want, what do you have to say?

I don't have too much else to say really...

Interview by: Spottommy