AUX: What was your introduction to DJing? What made you want to start?

DJing came about in different ways for the both of us. Dustin’s love for dance culture began while going to raves in the early 2000s. This naturally turned into a desire to learn how to DJ the music he was hearing at these parties. Once he started DJing it only made sense to move into the production side of things.

David has a bit of a different background because he came from the rock world and played in bands growing up. Through that he developed a natural desire to perform and when he was introduced to house music it was a perfect fit to start DJing and producing.

Who or what are your main influences, and why?

We tend to be influenced by melodic music that has a very catchy feel to it. There are no specific genres that we shy away from because inspiration can come from any direction. We also seek out inspiration from many different aspects of life that are not music related. Inspiration comes from movies, people we meet and the experiences we have.

What’s the ultimate party foul for a DJ?

The ultimate foul is not being conscious of the role you play as an opener DJ. When given the opportunity to play alongside some of the biggest names in the industry you must be aware of the job you have to do. It’s your role to set the stage and create a vibe that the headliner can build on.

Best party you’ve ever been to and why?

The best party we have been to would be Swedish House Mafia in Los Angeles. We went down with a large group of close friends and had the time of our lives. The music was huge, the stage show was amazing and it was a beautiful outdoor party. It was a great event and a memory that will last for a very long time.

Why is it important for Canada to have an event like Bud Light Sensation?

An event like Bud Light Sensation is an excellent example of the direction EDM is heading. It’s a beautiful thing when we can bring awareness to dance music on such a large scale and really share it with the world. The scene in Canada has been building momentum lately, and an event like Bud Light Sensation will really help solidify that EDM is here to stay!

Interview by: Marcus Laflamme (AUX)