Q: 1. Who are you? 

A: My full name is Ardeshir Hossein-pour, but my family and friends call me Ardy for short. I am a Student, Producer, and DJ that’s been working for the past year under M&G/Emengy Recordings.
Q: 2. How long have you been making music?

A: I’ve been involved with music for almost 6 years now. But in terms of creating and developing my own sound….only 2 years.

Q: 3. Describe what you do.

A: I create music with multiple sources of sounds and resources within what we geeks call a DAW (or a Digital audio Workstation). Usually most concepts (melodies, harmonies, etc.) are created on the piano initially before inputted into a computer (for me anyways). It really depends; each track can be totally different from the next. It all depends on where my ideas originated from. The other side is the DJ’ing aspect, as I love to perform what I have created to a live audience/Crowd. That’s where the biggest thrill and sense of accomplishment comes from.

Q: 4. What sets you apart from other artists in your area?

A: I’ve watched and seen many different artists and I believe my passion and drive is what really sets me apart from everybody else. It’s very obvious when I’m performing that I’m very attached to the music I am playing, as well as some I created. But also when I’m in the studio, I am a huge perfectionist. I take every criticism that I’ve been given by heart and build on it.That’s the only way I think you can be successful in this industry.

Q: 5. Who is your celebrity crush?

A: Not going to lie, I have had a huge crush on Mia Martina for a while now. She is beyond gorgeous and talented and I love her music. She also seems like a pretty awesome person to be around in general so hey, why not!

Q: 6. Who or what has been a driving force pushing you in your music?

A: There are two aspects to this question because there are two different sides to Zarise’s music. For the general love and knowledge of music, my father would be a huge push on the acoustic side. He has always been pushing me to learn the proper music theory and academic aspects to creating and playing music (specifically on piano). For the EDM side of myself, and making music on a professional level with online portals, contracts, shows and advertisement, I would have to say my manager Vince Mulville A.K.A Mully. He has been a huge support in terms of pushing not just me, but everybody on the label to their full potential in making music.

Q: 7. Who is your celebrity man-crush?

A: Justin Timberlake. I think he’s hilarious and extremely good at everything he does. Whether it’s acting, making music, or just straight up having a good time.

Q: 8. If I gave you $28.50 right now, what would you do with it?

A: I would probably save it. That or get a weeks’ worth of coffee! (I’m addicted to caffeine since I started school)

Q: 9. Who is your favorite musician/group?

A: Deadmau5. He is the guy that got me into listening to electronic music from the very beginning. It’s also funny watching him rant and be a total troll on the internet.

Q: 10. What are your goals for the upcoming year?

A: In terms of music, I Would love to have a few releases on Beatport/ITunes/Spotify that I have been currently working on and just try to get a lot more shows organized for me to play at. Getting my name and music out there is top priority for me at this point and that’s the direction I’m heading this coming year.

In terms of my general life; I’m really looking to do a lot of things differently than I have in the past. I’d like to catch up with my friends, save money, and maybe even travel for a bit. I’m going to be way keener on enjoying every moment this year rather than over stressing myself with things that I shouldn’t even be concerned with. I’ve come to realize that life is way too short to waste your time doing things you’re not even interested in (there is a fine line though).

Q: 11. In exactly one year from now, if we were to sit down and talk again, what do you hope has changed in your music career?

A: Honestly I’m not going to expect too much from myself but I’m definitely hoping the name “Zarise” has gotten much farther in the music industry than last year. As long as there are signs of improvements, such as more releases, social media increases (Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Soundcloud followers), I can’t complain!  I’ll just let the hard work speak for itself.

Q: 12. If you had to lose one body part, which one would it be... and why?

A: Does one of my toes count? I would probably want to lose the least amount of body mass as possible and I think toes are probably something that people don’t really look at or notice right away. It probably wouldn’t make much of a disability either compared to losing and entire arm or leg.

Q: 13. What has creating art (making music) taught you?

A: It has taught me to stay true to myself. What I mean is, I try to make music that I enjoy and not just to please other people. It’s funny, because the whole music industry is about selling records and playing big shows. It’s surrounded by the thought of pleasing people. But I believe that if you’re not enjoying the music you are playing/creating, you are becoming a slave to the people. In a way, torturing and trapping yourself to what people want and that takes away the creativity in an artist’s music.

Q: 14. What do you enjoy doing outside of making music?

A: I enjoy hitting the gym on a regular basis, catching up and hanging out with friends. Watching movies on my slow days and just relax to be honest.

Q: 15. If you could invent one thing that would make your life better, what would it be?

A: A Nutella machine that scans and runs on hunger readings. This machine won’t stop creating Nutella and serve it to you by the instance you crave it. I love Nutella, but I could understand this would have a lot of negative health implications as well.

Q: 16. What's your opinion on illegal music downloads?

A: I think it’s not taken really seriously. Most of my friends don’t understand, nor do they care about supporting an artist these days unfortunately. It’s just one of those things where you can’t control because it’s on such a large scale and nobody seems to wants to pay that $1.49 for the full quality version of the tracks on iTunes. It totally depends on the person’s perception on music. Dj’s usually understand the quality difference in buying the full versions in online portals and how the sound is hugely differentiated when playing them live (at least I hope they know). I personally believe that this probably won’t change anytime soon as long as the internet stays as open as it is for everybody to access.

Q: 17. How do you feel about cats?

A: I find them hilarious! The internet has been taken over by animal meme’s in general and people really love them. I personally would like to own a kitten or puppy down the road sometime. It’s on my bucket list for sure.

Q: 18. What has been the most defining moment in your career as an artist, or what stands out to you the most?

A: Getting on board M&G/Emengy recordings has been a huge step for me. That defined a big chunk of my year and who I am as a person. It also made me realize some of the great friends and people that are there to always help me along the way as an artist, or even just as a friend. This whole thing was just a hobby about a year ago without the label, and now it’s become a full time commitment that I’m constantly chasing.

Q: 19. How would you say that your opinion of yourself differs from other people’s opinion of you?

A: I am extremely hard on myself compared to how people perceive of me. I am constantly putting myself down, just to push myself back up in terms of criticism, work ethics, and commitments. I am my own biggest enemy in many ways. I think people just see me as the chill dude that always wants to hang out and have a good time. But I personally think im overstressed and overworked most of the time and just barely ever show it.

Q: 20. Who would win in a fight... Scarlet Johansen or Jessica Biel

A: Jessica Biel is a beast, so I would have to go with her. But in terms of beauty, Scarlet Johansen Is killing it obviously.

Q: 21. If you could collaboration with any other artist, who would it be?

A: Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5). I sort of feel like he’s the guy that’s doing all the work from beginning to end on all different stages of his music. Other artists have a lot of ghost producers and personal audio engineers, but Joel is probably one of the few guys that has been doing one hell of a job solo. Plus it would be an amazing studio session(s), total learning experience in my opinion for any aspiring producer/dj.

Q: 22. Can you name all the Spice Girls?

A: I’m not even going to try (lol). I just know one member, Victoria Beckham.

Q: 23. Which one is your favourite?

A: I’m going to’ go with the one that I actually know! Victoria Beckham. Woo!

Q: 24. What TV show did you love to watch growing up?

A: Fresh prince of Bel-Air. Still watch the reruns to this day.

Q: 25. This is your chance to say whatever you want. Go.

A: Just wanted to say thanks to everybody that’s been supporting me so far, it’s been a huge change for me this year, and hopefully 2014 will mark another amazing adventure for dance music!

Interview by: Spottommy