Review by: Sylva Sivz [Blueprint - Beatginnings - Are You MIA]

Mixol’s progressive style shines through quickly in his new Voyager EP with 3 instrumental tracks varying in intensity and mood from light housey grooves to deep after-hours feels.

“Voyager” is your perfect thought-provoking late-night driving track to put you in a trance for almost a whopping 8 minutes. Melodic and dynamic, its steady sense of movement, chord progressions and mild sense of tension and lead fluidly into a deeper, groovier bass tone in the second drop, and a more electronic feel in the third drop.

“Living Sound” lifts the mood and sets the perfect opening mood with a more housey lead synth, and an attitude-infused bassline that and gets the feet moving with its percussive elements harmonically building into one another.

“Call of the Wild” sits on the much deeper end of this EP. A more techno-like track, it takes you to the early mornings of deep afterhours with its mesmerizing arpeggiated chords all the way through.  

With all tracks exceeding 5 minutes, Mixol expertly keeps the flow by changing up and adding subtle elements to keep the listener’s journey interesting and steadily moving forward.