Review Courtesy of: Sivz

E.P.O.S’s style is beautifully portrayed in his experimental and progressive electronica album “Synthetic Allegiance”. Taking you through a range of moods from deep and moody to dreamy and uplifting, E.P.O.S showcases a truly matured sound, emotional connection and impressive technical skill.

 A story is immediately told in the album’s intro track “The Man With an Electric Eye”. A captivating and almost slightly Arabian vocal brings a deep chill as an arpeggiated synth and soft bassline carries you through to spoken word vocals and sound effects that leave you curious to what happens at the end.

 “Synthetics” stood out to me as my ultimate favourite track on the album. I had it on repeat a few times before I could move on to explore the rest of the magic. Reminiscent of the sounds of Zhu and Mau5trap (to me) with experimental hints and grooving melodic journey throughout - Synthetics took me to a number of new places as its variations kicked in. A very clean yet strong, chest-filling bass brings an underlying consistency while arpeggiated synths pann around you to making you feel engulfed in every moment. With variations that almost sound like new tracks but still remain within the same piece of art, E.P.O.S keeps your emotions heightened before winding down to a natural, uplifting and calm ending that just makes sense. If this track isn’t a trip I don't know what is!

 Changing up the pace, “Our Beloved Citizens” builds up some serious tension with a rolling bassline and spoken word vocals, almost sounding like any DJ’s dream intro track getting you hyped on what’s to come. Though hardly an intro track spanning 9 minutes in length, E.P.O.S continues to impress with his progressions and variations; truly shining here to keep you moving till the very end.  

 Another one of my personal favourites was “Sunrise” for its upbeat chord progressions that carry a consistent attitude throughout. An unexpected softer melody is tastefully blended in later in the track while a soft vocal teases you through to the end.

 “Coming Home” was another personal favourite. A classy, soulful vocal was not what I would have expected to hear on this album, yet the added element to E.P.O.S’s style worked marvelously well to bring all sorts of feels.

 Carefully placed throughout the album, E.P.O.S’s short and experimental tracks “Singularity”, “Submersion”, “The Underground’ and final track “My Choice” are also quite the musical journey and thought-provoking thrill that get your imagination running wild.

 Moody, uplifting, groovy or experimental, the quality and sophistication of E.P.O.S’s sound is truly extraordinary and a must-hear for anyone with an appreciation for his style. I only look forward to more moments of awe felt in his future releases.